CL206 Leather Cow Hide Cowhide Upholstery Craft Fabric Bicast Brown 31 sq ft

CL206 Leather Cow Hide Cowhide Upholstery Craft Fabric Bicast Brown 31 sq ft

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This bicast leather measures 31 square feet.
It is 1.38 mm in thickness.
As with all bicast leather, it is soft, smooth and has a very high gloss shine.

This bicast leather is available in additional listings
in sizes ranging from 16 square feet to 39 square feet,
in Dark Chocolate Brown, Dark Olive and Gloss Burgundy.


Gaining popularity on more contemporary frames in recent years, bicast leather is desired for its unique shine and easy care. It is a combination of natural leather hides, processed and bonded to a man-made surface covering and then coated with a thick layer of polyurethane. In addition to the highly desirable ‚¬œshiny‚¬? look, the coating helps prevent scratching, gives it a higher resistance to sunlight fading and is an excellent dirt-repelling surface. Bicast can be a top grain or split hide but in either case it is ironed very smooth to remove most of the natural grain. To clean, simply use a damp towel. Heat from a hairdryer can be used to remove light scratches.

Bicast was originally made for the shoe industry and recently was adopted by the furniture industry. The resulting product is cheaper than top grain leather and has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.

Furniture manufacturers say that the chief benefit of bycast leather is its price. Lower grades of leather can be utilized during the manufacturing process and treating with polyurethane gives a uniform shine and a long-lasting "like new" appearance. Bicast leather looks best, they say, on furniture with taut seat cushions and pillows. Other uses include handbags, totes, clothing and crafts.

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